Pregnancy And After Birth: What They Don’t Tell You About Your Body Shape

There is no denying that pregnancy is a special time. The feelings of little flutters in your belly, your growing bump that you begin to live and cradle. Then there is the birth and that overwhelming feeling of love when you meet your little one for the first time. It is special...Dungarees Overalls PregnancyCorduroy Dungarees

...But, there are things that people don’t tend to talk about when it comes to having a baby. First time mums especially can feel in the dark about what to expect. Or what they think they should expect. So let’s break the mould and share some of the things they don’t tell you about your ever changing body shape. 

Your expanding waistline as your baby grows

There is an in between period when you are pregnant. There are the weeks and months you stand there in front of the mirror waiting for any glimpse that there is a baby in there, or to at least be evident. Then there is the moment where you are about to pop and you feel like your belly can’t possibly grow anymore. You cradle that bump, you love it. But the in-between period is the most frustrating. The times where you look more like you have had a big lunch than carrying a baby. Or the times where your bump just doesn't look as neat as it does in all the baby magazines you have been devouring. It is so common to fall in and out of love with your body shape when you are pregnant. Dressing for it can be easier if you know what sort of items to try. Dungarees can be a huge help at this stage. Naturally baggy, especially when with the classic buckle up style or boyfriend fit, you can feel more at ease with that in between stages of pregnancy. Dungarees Boyfriend Dark Grey Perfect Fit Overalls Pregnancy Loose Baggy Boyfriend Dungarees

Breastfeeding isn’t always glam

Although feeding your baby can raise so many questions, debates and objections, there are many women who prefer to breastfeed their babies. It isn’t always plain sailing, and in some cases, many new mothers can struggle at first. However, perseverance often pays off. The one thing you may not be aware of is the need for easy access. Again the magazines and books can make it look all so simple, but if you have a screaming baby wanting their milk and you aren’t wearing something that gives your baby the access, then it can cause all of the tears. And not just the babies. Having easy to wear garments in your wardrobe is essential to help you breastfeed naturally, comfortably and with little pressure or worry. Dungarees can work well with this and give you the access you need.  Dungarees Boyfriend Black Perfect Fit Overalls Pregnancy Loose Baggy Boyfriend Dungarees

The belly after birth

Why oh why does nobody tell you that your bump magically vanished the moment you have your baby? The truth is, it doesn’t. You are left with a wobbly belly for a few days and even weeks in some cases. Many people pack inappropriately for when they leave hospital, not realising they want comfort, flattering but yet oversized clothing to help them feel at ease. Packing a pair of dungarees for your hospital stay will help you to walk out feeling semi-normal, and they can be a great disguise for that belly for the next few days and weeks.

Hopefully this helps you to feel more aware of some of the things that you don’t necessarily read about in the books with pregnancy and after birth.

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